zondag 2 november 2014

Pijlie's Everymans Wargaming Protocol for Every War! (PEW PEW!)

Best used for action packed skirmish games with teams up to 6 figures. Every figure has six stats: Shoota (roll a D6), Fighta (roll a D6), Balls (roll a D6 to do something scary), Stunta (roll a D6 to do something hard, Hit points (2 for the main characters, 1 for Extras) and Oneliner (main characters only to save yourself out of a tight spot with some wisecrack oneliner to impress the GM or roll a D6 for the less confident). 

Figures walk the maximum distance between your thumb and little finger (small children get extra points for cover) or multitudes thereof for cars and fast monsters. You can evade 1 hit per turn by a succesful Stunta which gets you a free (re)action to seek cover or stage a counterattack. Most teams are made up of a main character, a second (these two have the best stats) and four Extras.

Weapons are either close combat wapens (various bonus on Fighta) and shooting weapons (Rifle 1D6, pistol 1 or 2 D6, MG 3D6 and -1 Shoota for every extra die). Shooting rangers are unlimited. Roll the Shoota number to hit. Cover means either -1 or -2 on the roll. 

Activation is card-driven. Every team has two cards. Every team member may perform one action of choice on a card. 

When rolling a 1 when shooting you draw a Trouble card. 3 out of 10 is no effect. The rest is assorted misery like shooting yourself, running out of ammo or a giant monster bursting from the nearest building, usually depending on the game theme.